We are Open by Appointment Only..

WOW! The last few weeks have been crazy to say the least... and I don't mean in the bikes or the building.. I just mean life in general. It's a time full of so many unknowns. I know that none of us know what the future holds normally, but in the past few days that has really hit hard - we literally do not know what the next few months will bring. Everything is day by day.

If only people needed bike tubes, like they seem to need toilet paper.. we'd be laughing!

We are stressed enough attempting to get this building finished & serve our bike shop customers, without the need for added stress just going to the supermarket.. My personal opinion is that if everyone had just stayed somewhat calm in the first place, there wouldn't be this panic that is increasing everyday as our supermarket shelves get swiped!

Anyway, back to OUR business.. Whilst we have tried to manage being in two places at once, it is just not working quite so well as we'd like and therefore after much consideration we have decided to only open the Bike Shop by appointment only.

This will speed up our building works and finally see an end to all these renovations.. Yay! I can smell the coffee brewing... 

So as of Monday 16th March, please contact us on 0437 259 418 to make a suitable time to shop!

About Cafe Cycles Company


Established in December 2016, Cafe Cycles Company is the vision of local cyclist Luke Pretlove, his wife Kellie-Ann and young daughters Leilah & Gwenna.

Currently operating from the Rear Basement is a fully stocked Bike Shop and Workshop, with future stages to see an expansion of the Bike Sales to the Rear Upstairs, and the Liebig Street frontage brought to life with a bike-friendly, bike-themed Café - that flows through to a large upstairs area, with easy access to all levels via a lift.

We have a love for bikes and look forward to offering Warrnambool and surrounds with a passionate & friendly biking experience...

Specialising in Bicycle Sales, Parts & Accessories, Service & Repairs


"Purchase a new bike with Café Cycles Company and you will have the

guarantee of great back-up service and support."


Opening Hours

We are OPEN by Appointment Only

Please give us a call on 0437 259 418

and we will endeavour to help!

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Rear 85 Liebig Street

Warrnambool VIC Australia 3280

0437 259 418

0437 259 418

Rear 85 Liebig Street Warrnambool VIC Australia 3280