We are Open by Appointment Only..

What a strange few months we have had.. Who knew that 2020 was going to be like this? 

And the hardest part is that the future is still so unknown. Is there going to be a "second wave"? Are we ever going to get some more bikes in store??!

The last time I wrote I made a remark "If only people needed bike tubes, like they seem to need toilet paper.. we'd be laughing!"

Well it seems that people actually needed bikes and sales not only across the country, but across the globe have skyrocketed, and I don't think anyone would have been prepared for the demand. With all other activities cancelled, the one thing people could still do whilst in isolation was get out and ride! Our poor shop floor looks so sad - it's a nice feeling when you sell a bike off the floor, but its not a nice one when we can't even offer to order one in when our suppliers are sold out too!

When we changed our hours to By Appointment back in mid-March we hoped to make massive progress on finishing our building.

The first month seen Luke finish a huge job of grouting our main floor tiles - a time-consuming process to say the least.. and then he spent another few weeks hammering in thousands of tactiles - with more still to be installed in the coming months! However the demand for bikes & repairs has put a dent in our building work. Meanwhile I was hit with the task of "Remote Learning" our two girls. It wasn't actually a task and I have really enjoyed helping them learn over the past 2 months - as well as having the rare opportunity to stay home. They both returned to school this week and I have been left feeling somewhat lost, but after barely being in the shop, I have a lot of catching up to do! This website is one of them. 

Our shop hours will remain as By Appointment Only for the winter period.

Please call 0437 259 418 to make a suitable time to shop!

In other news, our eldest daughter Leilah, had the privilege of being selected to appear on yesterdays Sunrise Virtual Weather segment when they showcased Warrnambool via Zoom! Leilah sent in a promotional video she completed as a remote learning assignment, and the Sunrise crew thought it was pretty amazing.. She was so nervous, but did a fantastic job - for a 10 Year Old! 

We are beyond proud... xo

About Cafe Cycles Company


Established in December 2016, Cafe Cycles Company is the vision of local cyclist Luke Pretlove, his wife Kellie-Ann and young daughters Leilah & Gwenna.

Currently operating from the Rear Basement is a fully stocked Bike Shop and Workshop, with future stages to see an expansion of the Bike Sales to the Rear Upstairs, and the Liebig Street frontage brought to life with a bike-friendly, bike-themed Café - that flows through to a large upstairs area, with easy access to all levels via a lift.

We have a love for bikes and look forward to offering Warrnambool and surrounds with a passionate & friendly biking experience...

Specialising in Bicycle Sales, Parts & Accessories, Service & Repairs


"Purchase a new bike with Café Cycles Company and you will have the

guarantee of great back-up service and support."


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We are OPEN by Appointment Only

Please give us a call on 0437 259 418

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Rear 85 Liebig Street

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0437 259 418

0437 259 418

Rear 85 Liebig Street Warrnambool VIC Australia 3280