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About Us


Luke Pretlove is the heart behind Café Cycles Company..

Luke has grown up in Warrnambool and started racing BMX at the early age of 4 and has competed in 31 BMX Australian Titles and 5 BMX World Championships - earning along his way several 1A Placings and World Plates.. His proudest BMX awards finishing 3W in 30+ Masters at the 2013 World Championships in New Zealand, earning the coveted 1A plate in 30+ Masters at the 2021 National Championships in Queensland, and most recently scoring a triple victory at the 2023 National Championships in Shepparton winning 1A in 40-44 Men, 1A in 40-44 Cruiser Men & taking out the 40-44 Men National Series.

Luke has broadened his passion for cycling in the past 20 years to become a regular competitor on the Velodrome in Melbourne, and in more recent years on the Road at local cycling events - including joining the Murray to Moyne Team "Ferris Wheeler's Day Off" alongside Olympian Michelle Ferris in 2016, and with "Port Fairy" in 2019.

In early 2019 his bicycle collection grew a little higher when his first of two custom-made Penny Farthings joined the pack! You will see him riding high around Warrnambool on this beautiful machine, but if you want to see the real action, head to one of the few Penny Farthing races held around the country! 

He has an immense passion for anything bicycle related, with cycling running through his veins, and will endeavour to pass this knowledge onto any local cycling enthusiasts.

Kellie-Ann Pretlove is the brain behind Café Cycles Company..

Kellie-Ann grew up around nearby Cobden and has only seen her interest in bikes develop since meeting Luke in 2003. She is the person who has brought the business side of Luke's dream of a "bike shop café" in Warrnambool to life.

Although she doesn't ride competitively, Kellie-Ann will often be seen riding around town with their daughters Gwenna & Leilah in tow! She is also an avid supporter of E-Bike technology!!

Together we form a family owned and operated local business with a huge passion for all things cycling..

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